Frequently Asked Questions.

You got questions, we have answers.

How much does an apartment locator cost?

Our apartment locators, also known as real estate agents, are no cost to you. The apartment we help you find will pay our Realtor fee.

Why use an apartment locator?

You can use an apartment locator to:

  1. Find your apartment quickly through our powerful database that shows us all the rents that apartments are going for.
  2. Find a move-in special that can save you anywhere between $100 - $3000 at a time.
  3. Make sure you get approved for your apartment by working with an expert who knows how to get approved and leased without issues.

How to find an apartment locator.

The best way to find an apartment locator is simply by searching apartment locators on Google, Facebook, Instagram. It's important to use an apartment locator who is looking to serve your best interests just as you would expect of a real estate agent helping you with your home, since they are knowledgable about the quality and quality of living in your city.

What is the best apartment locator service.

There are many great apartment locators in Texas! Find Me Apartment is an apartment locator service in Texas that strives for excellence and top tier customer service in the real estate industry as a whole. Aside from Find Me Apartment, some other well known apartment locators are Apartments Now!, Apartment Gurus, Apartment Experts, Smartcity Locating, and many more across Texas.

What does an apartment locator do?

An apartment locator gets the info they need from their clients in order to send a very personalized list of apartments to cut the time searching thousands of listings to instead filter apartments that are best suitable for our clients. Locators have a database that can filter out which apartments have availability in 1 or 2 bedrooms, wood flooring, high ceilings, etc,... On top of this, their knowledge of apartments in your area will give you an idea of which apartments have good customer service from experience or good reviews.

What is an apartment locator?

An apartment locator is a licensed real estate agent that works primarily in the rental niche market. Instead of selling homes or condos, apartment locators lease apartments and rental homes. With cities growing rapidly, apartment locators focus on the majority of people who like to rent and move around often instead staying put in the same home for many years.

What if I have a broken lease?

We understand mistakes happen and so do mean landlords. Depending on the status of the broken lease and how long ago the broken lease happened, we can send you apartments that will approve the broken lease.

What if I have an eviction?

Depending on the status of the eviction and how long ago it happened, we can send apartments that will approve it.

Do you work with second chance apartments?

Yes, we work with second chance apartments. If you're looking for a second chance property, simply start your search with us and we can see which second chance apartments will best suit your situation.

What if I have a misdemeanor?

Depending on the status, severity, and age of the misdemeanor, we can send you apartments that will approve your misdemeanor.

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