How Much Are Luxury Apartments?

Updated: Jan 20

Are luxury apartments expensive or can every day people like you and me afford them? As an apartment locator, I have found that luxury apartments are a great way to pay lower rent costs while still getting high-end amenities like pool/spas, 24-hour fitness gyms, lounging areas, computer rooms, and a ton more that you could not get in an average home.

Axis at The Rim

Surprisingly, if you make at least $15 an hour and work 40 hours per week, you qualify for most luxury apartments in San Antonio. As long as you make 3x the rent before taxes, you have the freedom and power to choose any apartment you like. That is, assuming that you don't have any bruised criminal or credit history. If you do, Find Me Apartment can show you which properties you would qualify for with your given history.

The Truth About Luxury Apartments.

Now you may be wondering about high deposits or insane application fees. This is a common misconception. Luxury apartments often times have the BIGGEST move-in specials mainly because their goal is to maintain 100% occupancy for their complex. In order to achieve this, they often offer the craziest deals from $99 total-move-in to 2 months free.

The reason other apartment complexes don't offer deals like these are simply because they don't need 100% occupancy due to their lower maintenance costs. Luxury apartments spend thousands of dollars each year to keep maintenance and amenities up-to-date and in peak condition to keep tenants happy. With that said, they are willing to go the extra mile to get more people in as soon as possible before costs get too high to maintain.

Finding Luxury Apartment Deals.

The easiest and fastest way to find luxury apartment deals with up to 2 months in free rent is first by finding the right apartment locator. Apartment locators have access to all the move-in specials through a special database that they use to find deals and can save you loads of time instead having to call hundreds of properties to get answers.

If you're looking for a luxury apartment deal, Find Me Apartment specializes in luxury apartments across San Antonio with highly trained professional apartment locators who are in-the-know and do all the work for you. Like the ones where celebrities rent. So, let's start your search today.


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