Who And What Exactly Are Apartment Locators?

Updated: Jan 20

What do apartment locators do and why do we need them?

Apartment locators are real estate agents licensed to help you, represent you, and lease you at an apartment of your choice. There are couple good things that apartment locators come in handy with especially with today's increasingly busy lifestyle and rising costs of rents in big cities like San Antonio, Texas.

What Can Apartment Locators Do?

Knowing how to use them is just as important as knowing that they're genuinely there to help you. It's sort of like having a free assistant help you with your moving situation. You can ask them to check rents for certain apartments, check move-in specials, send you apartments you might like, and even to schedule your movers!

Apartment locators are the first people to know about move-in specials before anybody else. As an apartment locator myself, there's been times when I've known about move-in specials before the apartments own leasing agents knew about them! That's because locators often receive weekly emails from apartments anytime a special comes up, are working with other locators that get word of great specials around town, or just from continuously browsing apartments every day.

Why We Need Them.

There are over 15,000 apartments in San Antonio, Texas. An apartment locator's job is to use their expertise and market knowledge combined with your idea of the perfect apartment and Voila! Locators put two and two together to get not only exactly what you're looking for but for the right price and often times more money in your pocket because apartment locators are free to use, did I mention that?

Where Can I Find A Good Apartment Locator?

If you're looking for an apartment locator in San Antonio who you can trust and who can save you hundreds of dollars in rent each month, we've got a couple in mind for you. Our locators are professionally trained to help and deliver your needs as best as possible, Guaranteed by Mario Espinosa, Owner of


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