Where Do Celebrities Rent?

Updated: Jan 20

Imagine living amongst A-List celebrities in a city like San Antonio, Texas, home of the San Antonio Spurs and the well-known king of country George Strait. Now imagine renting next to them for less than $1000 a month.

As an apartment locator, I've personally helped dozens of celebrities and professional athletes rent their apartments and although we agreed to non-disclosure of where they live, I did get a sense of where they gravitated towards.

There's something up with that Riverwalk!

Almost all of the celebrities that I've helped rent have had the itch to live within walking distance from the Famous San Antonio Riverwalk. Now this isn't a surprise to most people due to all the events and celebrations that take place Downtown such as The Battle of Mayflowers Parade, Fiesta in April, and tons more!

One of the top apartments that we helped a lot of celebrity renters into is The Vistana. All of their units are for rent (none for sale) and go up to 13 floors otherwise known as PentHouse Level.

The Vistana Lofty Living Downtown

Why The Vistana?

Luckily for me, I actually rented at The Vistana for a short three-month period to get a taste of what exactly it was like live like a celebrity. The Vistana gives off a metro-feel on the interior of their apartments and include concrete flooring, granite countertops, wooden cabinets, and lots of unique light fixtures that you'd expect in a lofty downtown condo. The best part about renting at The Vistana was their amenities deck. They boast a beautiful 6th floor rooftop pool and spa, barbeque area, gym, and a rentable party room that gives you some of the best views of downtown and the brand new Frost Bank Building.

Live Like a Celebrity.

Now although The Vistana is a downtown favorite, there are plenty of apartments just like them that you can affordably rent. In fact, if you really like the idea of downtown living, Find Me Apartments specializes in helping renters find their fun and favorite places to live on a daily basis. So, let's start your search today.

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